Truck Tire Selection & Maintenance

The tires on your semi truck, tow truck, or work truck are incredibly important elements of your vehicle — they’re quite literally what’s keeping you on the road in the greater Ft. Lauderdale area and beyond. For that reason, proper truck tire selection and maintenance should be a priority, whether you’re a driver or a fleet manager. Read on below for more information on selecting proper truck tires and truck tire maintenance from our service experts at Rechtien International Trucks in Fort Pierce or one of our other locations.

What Type of Tire Do You Need?

Riviera beach truck drivers or fleet managers should know these types of commercial truck tires and their associated requirements:

  • Steer Tires: Steer tires are to be positioned on the front steer axle and are designed for long-lasting treadwear with stress-relieving sipes. These tires should offer even wear and treads that transfer water away from the tire for improved traction.
  • Drive Tires: Drive tires are positioned on the drive axle, behind the steer tires. Drive tires have much more aggressive tread depths and patterns than trailer tires to ensure greater traction upfront for greater control.
  • Trailer Tires: Trailer tires help support the trailer’s weight, and are positioned behind the drive tires in the back. Trailer tires need reinforced sidewalls to shield from exterior damage, but their shallow tread depth typically promotes longer duration and more even wear.
  • All-Position Tires: All-position tires are designed for the steer axle but can also function on other axles — hence, all-position. This versatile tire is typically made for low rolling resistance and can help promote better fuel efficiency.

How to Select New & Used Tires

Whether you’re shopping for your truck or a fleet, it’s important to choose tires that properly perform the necessary work while improving efficiency. Select tires based on:

  • Load Capacity: If you drive a model made to carry heavy load capacities, you need tires that can perform under stress. This helps to keep you and others on the road safe. To check the load capacity unique to your truck, you’ll need to to check the load index of the tire, which is a numerical code you can find next to the speed symbol.
  • Off-Road Driving: Commercial tires designed for highway driving aren’t strong or durable enough tires to tackle alternate terrain or inclement weather conditions. In the case that a work-site, service road, or detour could present less-than-ideal terrain, opt for tires that are 80% on-road, 20% off-road for capability you can be confident in when the need arises.

What Are Some Truck Tire Maintenance Tips?

The overall performance of your vehicle and your tire health will greatly benefit from regular tire maintenance. Here are a few points to tend to:

  • Keep Tires Inflated: Checking your tire pressure can help prolong tire performance and durability. You can ensure proper PSI by weighing your truck fully loaded (though weighing each axle separately). When you compare the axle weights with the manufacturer’s tire book, you can determine the recommended PSI.
  • Check Tread Wear: Truck tires work very hard, and all that friction causes tire wear. To reduce the intensity of wear, confirm proper tire alignment, inflation, and load-carrying capacities are as recommended. Neglecting to monitor tire wear can lead to faster deterioration of your tires, misalignment, and more dangerous complications.
  • Conduct Regular Inspections: Regular inspections preserve the condition of your tires, your truck overall, and your safety. In addition to checking inflation and wear, check the valve caps, sidewall conditions, lug nut conditions, and suspension elements for any damage.

Get More Truck Maintenance Info from Rechtien International Trucks

If you have any additional questions for the team here at Rechtien International Trucks, like how often you should replace your truck tires, we’d be happy to answer them. Feel free to stop by our dealership in Miami or our three other locations in neighboring areas, or contact us online for more information.

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