Trucking Industry Trends for 2022

May 22nd, 2022 by

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If you’ve paid any attention to the automotive industry, you’ll find that there’s a lot that has been going on. With that being said, the automotive industry is often closely related to the commercial truck industry, so you can expect some aspects to apply in both applications. Many of the trucking industry trends for 2022 includes information about electric commercial trucks and even the driver shortages that you may be experiencing with your business.

Learning about these trends and staying up to date on them can help you better prepare for the future of your South Florida business. Continue your research on the trucking industry trends for 2022 today with Rechtien International Trucks, and be sure to explore our new commercial vehicle inventory when you’re ready to add the latest and greatest commercial vehicles to your fleet!

Electric Commercial Trucks

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular among drivers, so it’s no surprise that electric commercial trucks are coming soon to a worksite near you. There has been plenty of talk about electric trucks but no confirmation yet on official release dates. However, as battery technology and charging features improve, you can expect the electrician of commercial trucks to be arriving soon. Some benefits of electric trucks can include:

  • Reduced emissions
  • Quieter performance
  • Less maintenance

There are certainly advantages to electric trucks, and those advantages will become even more pronounced as technology advances.

Driver Assistance/Safety Technology

Similar to the automotive industry, driver assistance features are making their way into more commercial trucks. However, it’s especially important that safety technology in commercial trucks are refined as there’s plenty at stake when you’re behind the wheel of a semi-truck. One thing’s for sure though, and it’s that you can expect to find plenty of driver assistance and safety features making their way into commercial trucks soon. Let’s take a look at some features commercial trucks may offer in the future:

  • Remote Diagnostics: You can easily keep track of each truck in your fleet and determine remotely what might be causing it to have fault codes.
  • GPS Mapping: In the event that a truck in your fleet needs to visit a service center, you’ll be able to remotely provide each truck driver with parts available at service centers nearby with GPS mapping.
  • Autonomous Vehicle Technology: To help increase the safety of truck drivers and those on the road around them, automotive vehicle technology will continue to be refined to help drivers be more productive during uptime.

In-Person Trade Shows

Trade shows were vital to ensuring that companies in the commercial truck industry had the ability to showcase the latest in technology and innovations for commercial vehicles. However, because of COVID, trade shows had to come to a halt, but they’re slowly resuming for 2022. Most trade shows are offering virtual and in-person conferences to accommodate the changing landscape.

Driver Shortages in Trucking

Truck driving isn’t for everyone, and it’s not an easy job. But, as the industry changes, more trucking companies are adapting to help make the job easier. From increases in wages to staying closer to home, potential candidates are demanding more, and companies will have to adjust to help mitigate driver shortages.

Rechtien International Trucks Can Help You Take a Closer Look at Trucking Industry Trends for 2022

There’s a lot to explore in the 2022 trucking industry trends, so if you have any questions at all, you can always reach out to our team, and we’ll help you take a closer look!

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