East Trailer Genesis® Specs

November 28th, 2020 by

East Genesis Trailer

Available in a wide range of configurations, East Genesis® dump trailers are designed to maximize payload and productivity. No matter what jobs need doing, you’ll benefit from the combination of longer-lasting components — combined with an East Genesis® dump trailer weight that’s lighter than traditional dump trailers. Read on to explore East Genesis® dump trailer specs for all trailer types, and then browse our inventory of dump trucks and East trailers at Rechtien International Trucks.

East Genesis® Dump Trailer Types and Specs

Looking for East Genesis® dump trailer specs? The revolutionary smooth-sided East Genesis® design saves up to a half-mile per gallon of fuel, compared to conventional external post trailers.

Not only are Genesis® dun trailers more aerodynamic, but they’re easier to clean and won’t show dents from the inside. Outboard design elements maximize the East Genesis dump trailer weight carrying-capacity in terms of payload. Below, we’ll take a look at key East Genesis® dump trailer specs for each trailer type:

Genesis® Frame Dump

  • Reinforced hoist well
  • Seamless hoist mount tubing for extra strength

Genesis® Frameless Dump Trailer

  • Full wrap-around bulkhead
  • Lightweight, long-life upper coupler

Genesis® Quarter Frame Dump Trailer

  • Available in aluminum or steel
  • Rugged and versatile East Genesis® dump trailer option

Genesis® Hybrid Dump Trailer

  • Greater twist-resisting structural rigidity
  • Hybrid square-box / half-round structure for greater payload capacity

Genesis® Aluminum Truck Body Trailer

  • Interlocking cab shield
  • Tight-fitting tailgate
  • Hardened ductile steel hinge shoe

Genesis® Steel Dump Trailer

  • Hardox® AR450 grade steel body
  • Baked-on, corrosion-resistant paint

Genesis® Michigan Series Dump Trailer

  • Premium-grade aluminum alloy floor sheeting
  • Custom-fitted, bow-resistant tailgate

East Genesis® Dump Trailer Innovations

These trailers are revolutionary in more ways than one, and we have the East Genesis® dump trailer specs to prove it:

  • Double-wall design — Protects the outer wall from dents, thereby improving resale value.
  • Superior dump stability — Offered because the entire integrated trailer body resists weight shifting and twisting that can lead to tipping.
  • Three-inch interior panel ribs spacing — This innovation keeps inside walls flatter for fewer high points, resulting in less wear over time. You can also opt for available thicker aluminum in high-wear areas.
  • Easy repairs — These can be inconspicuous, and do not require the removal of the top rail.
  • Smooth outer walls — Leave them factory-polished, or add your company name, logo, and graphics.

Boost Your Business with an East Genesis® Dump Trailer

Ready to explore the benefits of the lighter East Genesis dump trailer weight, or more specific East Genesis® dump trailer specs? The team at Rechtien International Trucks is happy to help! Contact us to speak with a technician or drop by our dealership, conveniently located in Southern Florida.