How to Care for Semi Truck Batteries

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Battery care is an essential part of semi truck maintenance. When you’re traveling from point A to point B, battery problems can slow you down and force you to get a jump start or use a semi truck battery charger. The best way to avoid battery problems is to be vigilant about avoiding common mistakes drivers make and staying current with routine inspections. Read on to learn more about how to care for semi truck batteries and what you can do to get the most life out of yours!

What Causes a Battery to Die?

Here’s a list of some of the common causes of a malfunctioning or dead battery:

  • Unsecured Battery Cables: If the battery cables aren’t tightly fastened to their corresponding terminals, you’ll have issues starting your truck. Double-check the connections before you hit the road.
  • Corroded Terminals: Hydrogen gas is an ingredient found in battery acid, and exposure can cause the terminals to corrode. This is normal to a certain degree, and the corrosion is simply cleaned off. If you notice a large amount of corrosion within a short period of time, however, you’ll want to have the battery inspected to find the cause.
  • Parasitic Loads: A parasitic load is when a device drains even a tiny amount of the battery’s power and doesn’t replace the charge. Parasitic loads are everywhere and are tough to avoid, but they should be monitored. If your battery is frequently dying yet nothing is wrong with it physically, a parasitic load could be to blame.
  • Faulty Alternator: If the alternator is supplying the incorrect amount of voltage, the battery can’t charge properly. For this reason, it’s important to check the alternator during routine battery inspections and servicing.
  • Vibrating Battery: Make sure your truck’s battery is properly secured. Otherwise, it probably won’t function as intended and its parts could get cracked or chipped as you travel through Miami.

When is it Time to Replace a Semi Truck Battery?

Truck batteries are often replaced too early. This is most common with fleets. When a battery isn’t performing as it should, replacing it immediately may not solve the problem; there could be another hidden issue at play. Problems like a faulty alternator or a parasitic load will continue to cause battery problems, even if the battery is newly replaced. Considering every possible cause can help save a good battery.

As with any aspect of your semi truck, keeping tabs on your battery and conducting routine tests will catch charging problems early. You or a service technician can check your battery’s health by conducting load tests, voltage drop tests, and inspections of the circuits. Battery testing equipment requires training to use, so if you don’t have the experience, it’s best to leave it to a professional.

Learn More About Semi Truck Maintenance from Our Experts!

When you know how to care for semi truck batteries, you can travel confidently without having to rely on a jump start or semi truck battery charger. Contact us for more information on semi truck maintenance, such as tire replacement, brake care, and oil change intervals.

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